Makeup Genius App, a Magic Mirror for Girls and Women



L’Oreal Paris released an innovative app for iPhone and iPad to make you see how you would appear in different eye shadows, blushes, and other beautifiers without actually applying the products.

Who don’t want to look beautiful? Well, every women are beautiful but to make more beautiful then do not separate women and girls from their makeup. Buying make up could be very tricky. When you see the products and its promo, surely its bewitch, but sometimes when you try the products at home you feel disappointed because the products doesn’t look so good on you.


Well, nowadays, you have no worried about that matters. With the smart apps from L’Oreal Paris you will get sophisticated scan of your face with the device’s front-facing camera, digitally paints on your selected product, and then reflects all your movements, accurately portraying what you would look like in different cosmetics, from different angles, in real time.


The app let you apply different products to your image and shows the makeup on your face as you move, so you can tilt your head around and see how you look with different facial expressions. Not only that, the app also includes different “looks,” or beauty combinations, worn by celebrities like Eva Longoria and LupitaNyong’o, created by the makeup artist Billy B.


This app is really like a magic mirror for the women and girls. It can to create an effective, fluid, and convincing magic mirror to allow people to envision what they would look like in different outfits, haircuts or eyeglasses.



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