Surprisingly, Indonesia is the Biggest Country with Child Abuse Materials in the Cyber World.


Many young victims of exploitation are considered unreliable witnesses.The leader of foundation in Jakarta, Astha Rahayu Saraswati Djojohadikussumo said that Indonesia is in the first list of the cyber world regarding the child abuse materials. This is happen because from the upload from Indonesia, there are around seventy hundred cases in the social media, meanwhile there are three hundred cases in the child abuse matters from Bangladesh.

Because of this, the foundation will take an action regarding this matter by contacting the related party like the internet service provider (ISP), the banks which provide Visa to pay the video, the police and many other party to block the porn site. It is known that the value of the porn site children under age can reach upto fifty million dollars per year.


In the same time, the Safe Childhood leader, NathaliaKira Catherine Perry stated that Indonesia has become the biggest country in the world for uploading and downloading the child abuse materials. The modus of child abuse materials is that the criminals are looking for photos, videos or any online children which they can use as the victims of child abuse. Of course, it is very dangerous.

Meanwhile, the vice from the cybercrime of police in Indonesia, AKBP SugengHariyanto said that his members only able to handle three upto four case per year regarding this matter. This is because the technology which is needed to track down the criminals couldn’t be reached by Indonesia because of the price.  For now, the police has worked together with Microsoft to know the location and the method which is used by the criminals.


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