The Amazon Fire Phone Start Shipping on July 25



Fire Phone, a new released smartphone from Amazon will start shipping in the market on July 25th with $199 with 2 year contract.

Well, we are all know that Amazon is a media powerhouse and the company are selling all media consumption boxes like e-readers, tablets, and its TV set-top box. If you are join the retail club of Amazon called Amazon Prime then you get advantages as Paid Prime customers that is get free shipping, a million or so tracks of free music, access to videos that other customers have to pay for and many more. And the good news for you who are the Paid Prime customer is that the Fire phone will comes with 12 months of Prime membership that let you get extensions on your current memberships.


So, let’s talk about the phone. What’s great about the Fire phone from Amazon?

About the device, the Fire phone from Amazon got a 4.7-inch screen and made from aluminum, with rubber casing to make it easy to hold. The phone has 32 GB of memory. Then what are the apps in the Fire phone?

First, the phone is designed to be great for video, music, and reading. So, no need to be asked when it has features like dual speakers and Dolby surround sound, and tangle-resistant earbuds. For the reading, you will get Kindle e-reader and for the video you will get Fire TV.


The Fire phone come with 3D display which is called Dynamic Perspective. It has four user-facing infrared cameras that uses to gauge the location of your face and eyes. For the Maps app, you will know that the labels and the map itself are on different layers, so you can tilt the phone to peek underneath labels or icons that may be blocking parts of the map you want to see.

For browser, it has control scrolling to make you easier accessing the internet. The Fire phone has Firefly feature which will lets it recognize text and objects in the real world, like books, boxes of consumer goods, and phone numbers and URLs from physical signs. Moreover, the app will able to recognize music and TV shows from listening to their audio.

For the camera, the Fire phone has 13 megapixels on the rear camera and the phone will store photos to the Amazon Cloud Drive and comes with unlimited storage for photos.



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