The New Tomb for King Richard III


Richard III's memorial plaque in Leicester Cathedral

Have you ever heard of King Richard III of England tomb rediscovery? Well, the latest news said that the heels of a judicial verdict has concluded the University of Leicester has the legal right to reinter the King Richard III’s bones into the coffin.

A wooden coffin sealed inside a tomb made of Swaledale fossil stone in Leicester Cathedral will be the place of the King Richard III’s bone to be laid back. Meanwhile the king’s coffin is made by Michael Ibsen as the King Richard III’s sister Anne of York.

King Richard III has ruled England from 1483 until his death at the Bottle of Bosworth Field in 1485. At that time, the body was taken to Leicester from the battlefield and buried in a hastily dug grave.


In 2012, the University of Leicester led a dig on the rediscover the king’s grave under a city council parking lot. Because of that, the university has responsibility to rebury the remains after study.

The controversy of the tomb of the king begun when the Plantagenet Alliance and its supporters argued that Richard III had adpted York as his hometown in life so they advocated to have Richard III reburied in York. In the other hand, independent groups of Richard enthusiasts contested this decision, arguing that the university should have to take other opinions into account.

Finally, the British High Court ruled on May 23 that the University of Leicester had a valid exhumation license, and thus could reinter Richard’s remains. The plans on Richard’s tomb will combine three elements which are distinctive and elegant, it will evoke memory and be deeply respectful of history; and it will be deeply imbued in spirituality. For the stone tomb, it will be titled; “as if rising to meet the risen Jesus”.



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