5 Largest Waterfalls in the World


Waterfall is a perfect God creation which is always able to make the one who see it feel amazed. There are many waterfalls in the world and all of them are beautiful. Here are 5 largest and biggest waterfalls from all over the world;


The first largest waterfall is Khone Falls. I said it as the largest waterfalls with its 35,376 feet wide. These beautiful large waterfalls are part of the Mekong River in Laos. The river is very unique because it splits into seven large channels and many smaller ones. They are made up of several different rapids and falls and the most defined part of the waterfall is a 45-foot drop, at a 60 degree angle.


The second largest waterfall is Para Falls with 18,400-foot wide. This fall is located on the Rio Caura in the Bolivar region of Venezuela. Para Falls is in half-moon shaped, it is formed where two parts of the river come together and drop down almost 200 feet.


Kongou Falls is the third largest waterfalls in the world. It is 10,500 feet wide and a part of the Ivindo River in Gabon. To be exact, this waterfall is located within the Ivindo National Park, which was set up to protect the biodiversity of the Ivindo River.


As the part of the Uruguay River in Argentina, the 6,775-foot wide waterfall which is drops down roughly 35 feet, Saltos del Mocono Falls also become the lists of the largest waterfalls in the world.


Victoria Falls is also one of the largest waterfall from all over the world. The Victoria Falls located in Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. It is 5,600-foot wide and known as the smoke that thunders. It is because the falls is giving the appearance that smoke is rising out of a deep hole in the earth.



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