Unique Sand Beach Color in the World


Beach is the best place to relax from the activities. Many things that you could do, lying on the beach sunbathing, playing kites, make sand castle and many more. But have you ever try to make your sand castle in different color? Well, if you want to try, go to these beaches and you will find different and unique sand beach color;

First is the red sand beach in Rabida, Galapagos. The sand is in unique red color. The red color is coming from the oxidization of iron-rich lava deposits and washed-up coral sediments.

Another unique beach that you will not find everyday is the pink sand beach in Bahamas. If you wonder how could the sand colored in pink, it is because the sand in Bahamas is pigmented by washed-up coral remnants, which are dashed and ground to tiny pieces by the surf.

From pink to purple, there is a purple sand beach if you go to Pfeiffer California. The sand is really in purple color. For you who love purple color don’t miss this beach as your holiday destination. The purple color in the sand is formed when manganese garnet deposits in the surrounding hills erode into the sea. You will only find the purple color in patches.

Okay if you are interested with pink and purple sand then let’s check out this one, this time lets go green and meet the green sand in Hawaii. The green sand beach used to known as Papakolea green sand beach Hawaii. The green color from the sand is because of the mineral olivine which is formed by lava as it cools in the sea.

Hawaii is not only have green sand beach but also have black sand beach in Punaluu to be exact. The sand become so black because of the basalt lava, which explodes as it flows into the sea and rapidly cools.


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