Wonderful Beaches around the World


If you prefer to spend your holiday in beach, sunbathing or making a sand castle maybe you will enjoy reading this article. Here I will show you some of the most wonderful beaches around the world. Not only they are beautiful but some of them are also unique and different from the usual beach. So, let’s get start!

1Marieta Beach

When you travel to Mexico don’t forget to visit the hidden beach in Marieta. This beach is really wonderful and what make it unique is that because the beach hidden under the land. The beach is formed after the Mexican government used the uninhabited islands for target practice in the 1900s.

2Cave beach in Portugal

If you love the concept of hidden beach in Mexico, then don’t miss the cave beach in Algarve in Portugal. The beach formed so beautiful with limestone that is easily eroded, and that which makes the sea caves.

3Jakulsarlon beach Iceland

What comes through your mind when you heard the word of Iceland? A land full of ice? Well, maybe you are interested to try to go to its beach in Jakulsarlon in Iceland. There you will see the black sand is contrast with the white and glassy chunk of ice.

4Giant’s causeway Beach

Visiting Ireland wouldn’t be complete if you haven’t visit the giant’s causeway beach. The beach formed naturally around 50-60 million years ago when basalt lava rose to the surface and cooled, cracking into strange, large columns.

5Maho Beach

Feel the extreme by visiting the Maho beach at Saint Martin. There you can see the plane landing pass through the beach. Surely, it gives you new sensation of spending holiday in the beach.

6Maldives’ Beach

Spend you holiday in Maldives and don’t let your night waste by just staying at hotel room. Go to the beach and find your wonderful starry night in the beach, not up in the sky but down in your feet. Yeah, the microscopic bio-luminescent phytoplankton in the beach of Maldives will give light whenever they are agitated by the surf.


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