Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Start Read a Book


Reading can be fun activity. Relax a bit from your busy activities, take a book, and find your favorite place to relax and start reading will give you many benefits. However, for some people reading can be boring and even they think it’s wasting time. Some say they are too busy to read a book, although they do read tweets, Facebook and other social media. They do not know what they miss by not reading a book.

A book, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, can broaden your knowledge and help you to be better in understand your surroundings. Moreover, they who have habit to read books have tendency to have more active brain which good to slow or even prevent brain diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer. Reading a book give you many more benefits, that’s why here I give some reasons why you should start read a book:
The first reason why you should start read a book is that as I stated before that read a book can make the brain more active and make you able to slow and prevent some brain disease. How could this be? It is because when you read a book, you will read and train your brain to remember some places, people name’s, history, and many others that stated in the book you read. This will train your brain to memorize and make it more active. When your brain used to memorize, it means also to train your focus and concentration. Now, we can stated that by read a book, you have memory improvement that of course can prevent you from something like Dementia and also help you to focus and concentrate better.
Beside memory improvement, you will also get more knowledge by read a book. Supposed you read non-fiction book whether it is about autobiography, history or science, you will get better knowledge than you have already knew about what you read. The same thing happen when you read fiction books. You will get various vocabularies and without realizing it you have expand your vocabularies. When you expand your vocabularies, realize it or not, you will be better in your writing skill. Vast vocabularies helps you to write better. Moreover, Heavy readers, proved to be better in know what to do and how something works and solve the problem better than they who don’t read a book. In short, reading not only give you knowledge, expand your vocabulary but also make you smarter.
Next, by read a book you get free entertainment. Yes, entertainment. Reading fiction book, whether it is mystery or romantic can improve your imagination and at the same time help you reduce your stress by enjoying the arts of the story and imagine that we are the one in the story. And I said that read a book is free entertainment when you start asking why it can be free when all of us know that book can be pricey. Well, try the alternative, you can borrow books from the library near your house. Have no time to go to a library? Well, you still able to read a book freely from your gadgets as in this modern era, books can be in form of pdf, epub, jar and many other forms that can fit in your gadgets.
So, what are you waiting for? Go get a book!


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