Dangerous Path to Get Education


Hi everyone!
For you who are students, I would like to ask, how do you go to school? Cycling with friends? By bus? Or walking to school? Well, for you maybe going to school is usual activities that has nothing special and get nothing to worry about. But what if you have to pass through dangerous path everyday just to go to school?
Education is one of the most important aspect in human life. Everybody need education and it is a must. School is one of so many ways in getting education.

Here, I would like to show you some of the most dangerous path to school that the students from another part of the earth have to take just to get education.

The first is in Columbia where the students have to fly 800m above The Rio Negro River on a steel cable. Imagine how dangerous this situation. But the students there, consider that the education is important and because there’s no other way, they keep struggle just to get education.

Next, Indonesia. We know that Indonesia is an archipelago and each of the islands have different couture.


The schools in some of the remote spot of some of the islands made students in Lebak, Indonesia have to cross damaged suspension bridge just to get to school, in Padang, Sumatra Indonesia, the students have to walk on a tightrope 30 feet above the river if they want to get educated.


Other in Riau, the students have to cross the river using canoe to get to school, while in Pangururan, students have to travel on the roof of a wooden boat just to get education.

Another story come from China. In some part of China, like Dujiangyan in Sichuan Province where the students have to cross a broken bridge in the snow to get to school. The extreme one is when the students have to take 5 hour journey through the mountains on 1 feet wide path to get to the most remote school in Gulu, China. Another students have to walk as far as 125 mile to go to their boarding school through the mountain of Pili in China which is very steep and totally dangerous.


In southern China, in Jiawan village to be exact, the students have to climb on some unsecured wooden ladders to go to school.
Well after read and watch those picture above, I hope we are all should be very grateful that we don’t have the same fate as them. We are very lucky because we do not have to go through dangerous path every time we go to school. So, don’t waste your time, be grateful and use your time to get education as high as you want!


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