Famous “Sambal” of Indonesia


Indonesian Food is popular for its spices. For them who love to eat spicy and hot food then they should have try Indonesian foods. “Sambal” or spicy sauce is a kind of condiments that can’t be separated from Indonesian foods.

There are many kinds of “Sambal” depends on the food which is being served.
Here are some example of “Sambal” in Indonesia:
The first “Sambal” is called “Sambal Tomat”.


As stated in the name, this condiment main ingredient is tomato. “Sambal Tomat” is goes best with Fried Chicken or Fish and seafood. To make this condiment you need to prepare some chili (depend on how much you want it), tomato, garlic, a pinch of salt and sugar, and fermented shrimp. Fry the garlic, tomato and chili, then grind in together with fermented shrimp, salt and sugar.
Next, there is “Sambal Bawang”.


This condiment made from some onion, green chili, red chili, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of olive oil. This kind of Sambal goes well with Fried Chicken or fish.

“Sambal Bajak” is one of the most popular spicy condiment in Indonesian foods. This condiment goes perfectly with roasted chicken or fish and fried chicken and fish, and many more. You will need, red pepper, chili, onions, garlics, fermented shrimp, tomato, red sugar, and salt to make this sambal. Fry the red pepper, chili, onions, garlics and tomato then grind in together with fermented shrimp, red sugar and salt. After that, fry all the ingredients together until it smells good.

“Sambal Ayam Bakar” is definitely for roasted chicken. This sambal made from chili, citrus water, soybean sauce, and some basil.


Another “Sambal” from Indonesia is “Sambal Kacang” or Peanut Sauce. This kind of condiment usually goes with Satay Ayam, Gado-Gado, Pecel, Ketoprak, Somay and many more.


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