My Favorite French Songs


Music can’t be separated from our life. Music make our life more colorful and enjoyable, well, at least for me it does. I enjoy listen to the music when I’m travelling, cooking, or reading a book. I love many kinds of music. I love classic, pop, rock and many more. I enjoy listen to western song but I don’t know why recently I enjoy listen to some French songs.
It start when I unintentionally listen to Anggun C. Sasmi song in French version. The title of the song is “Si tu L’avoues”. Then, I try to search in the internet for other French song. I don’t understand the meaning of the song and I don’t know the lyrics at first, but it doesn’t matter because somehow when I hear the song, I feel relax and happy. After I fell in love with the songs, I search the lyrics and the meaning of the songs to make me understand more of the songs.
And here are some of my favorite French songs that I love the most:
1. IL Y A by Vanessa Paradis.

2. J’ imagine by Julian Cely

3. Ca Ira by Joyce Jonathan

4. Tout by Lara Fabian

5. Cesse la plui by Anggun C.Sasmi

6. Le Festin by Camille

7. Je Ne Sais Pas by Joyce Jonathan

8. Je t’aime by Lara Fabian

9. Un geste d’amour by Anggun C. Sasmi

10. Alison by Jordy

After listen to the song, I really want to learn French language 😛
Well, anybody want to teach me freely?


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