Dubai Miracle Garden


Dubai which is located in United Arab Emirate used to be very dry and arid area. Long ago, Dubai offer few attraction but nowadays, Dubai become the center of attraction. Not only because its tallest hotels but also because of its Miracle Garden.


Dubai Miracle Garden shows the most breathtaking garden in the world. The wide varieties of different flowers are arranged in various shapes, such as pyramids, hearts, igloo, stars and many more. The flowers are change when the season changes. It makes the visitors get new experience each time they go to Dubai Miracle Garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden

As a tourist attraction, Dubai Miracle Garden attracts one million visitors a year once fully established. In 72,000 sq meter sites, it has over 45 million flowers and traditional flowerbeds. Dubai Miracle Garden open to the public from 10am until 10pm on weekdays. This beautiful garden always closes during late May and will always reopen in October.


Last year, exactly in December 2016, Dubai Miracle Garden received Guinness record for the largest flower arrangement. This award is given because this garden arranged the flower into the shape of an Airbus A380. This shape is 230 feet long and it made of 500,000 fresh flowers while the construction are made of recycled materials.


Dubai Miracle Garden also has fruits and vegetable section as well as medicinal plant section. The visitors will be able to make their own salads from the plants. This is to educate guests on plant-based diets, unprocessed, healthy ingredients of food.


How come the desert area grows such a beautiful garden and different varieties of flowers? The answer is recycled wastewater. Yup, the facility invented a unique drip irrigation system which helps to avoid evaporation. This method uses a fraction of the water also energy required in a conventional system. It made the desert which is impossible to grow such a beautiful flowers became possible and here it is, Dubai Miracle Garden.






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