“Stairway to Heaven”



If you really love to have ‘a little’ adventure in your holiday, you need to come visit Tianmen Mountain in China. This place will stunning you with its beautiful scenery as you walk through 999 steep up to the cave on the top of the mountain. The cave is called Heaven’s Door. So, are you ready to enjoy the ‘Stairway to Heaven’?

Located in Zhangjiajie city, Tianmen Mountain is known as the most beautiful mountains in the world. It is because the mountain has breathtaking sceneries including 99 bends, glass sky-walk, cliff-hanging walkway, vertical cliff, the longest cable car ride in the world and of course, ‘Heaven’s Door’.

The mountain height is 1,519 meters while the mountain tourist area is 10 square kilometers. On the top of the mountain, the visitors will be able to find Tianmen Temple which is more than 500 years old. There is various ways to reach the Heaven’s Door. You can choose to ride the longest cable car in the world, walk in the glass skywalk or use the cliff hanging walkway. Here is some information about how to reach the Heaven’s Door:

The Longest Cable Car in the World:


The first way to reach the mountain is by riding a cable car. It needs 30 minutes rides for 7 km. for your information, the cable car is very busy and you need to wait in line for 2 hours or more if you come after 8.00 am.


If you choose to reach the mountain using cable car, you will be able to view breathtaking mountain peaks, deep valley and of course the 99 sharp curves on a road to the mountain peak. The cable car which is the longest in the world will be closed if the weather is bad.


Glass Sky-walk:

glass 3

This route is not for the faint-hearted. Taking glass sky-walk will let you have view all the way down to the bottom of the cliff also the road up the mountain through 99 bends roads. These glass sky-walks definitely give you a thrilling sensation as if you really walking in the sky. However, the glass sky-walks are closed in winter as the sky-walk covered by ice and snow.


There are 3 glass sky-walks in the Tianmen Mountain.  The first glass sky-walk called “The Walk of Faith”. It opened in November 2011 and directly become a must-see tourist attraction. Then the second glass sky-walk opened in April 2015. The location of the first and second sky-walk is in the part of the cliff-hanging walkway by Ghost-Valley Cave or about 200m from the top of the cableway. The glass sky-walk is 60 meters long and 1.6 meters wide over 1,400 meters.


The third glass skywalk called “Coiled Dragon Cliff Glass Walkway” and opened in August 2016. This glass skywalk offers beautiful mountainous landscapes views. The location of the third glass skywalk is about 600m from the top of the cableway or right above the 99 bends of the roads. It is 100 meters long and 1.6 meter wide on over 1,400 meters height.

The Cliff-Hanging Walkway


Still not thrilled enough with the glass skywalk? Try the cliff-hanging walkway. The walkway built along the edges of the mountain’s summit. The cliff-hanging walkway is about 1,400 meters high and 1.6 kilometers long. To take this route you will need 1½ hours. There is a hanging bridge linking two peaks at the end of the cliff-hanging walkway. At the end of the hanging bridge you can try open chairlift for two persons. The chair will go up to the summit of the mountain and you will be able to get the view of the surrounding mountain.

The 99 Bends road


You can take 99 sharp curves on the road up to the Tianmen Cave. The road will take tourists to the top of the mountain. The ride to the top of the mountain will full of sharp turns along vertical cliffs. So, if you have carsick, you better not take this route.


Stairway to Heaven and Heaven’s Door


After you take a tourist bus using the 99 bends, you will see 999 steep and narrow steps up to the cave which usually called ‘Stairway to Heaven’. The climb through these steep is of course hard and tiring. The place is always crowded with tourists and visitors, made it hard to take photos. When you finally reach the Tianmen Cave or Heaven’s door you will see 30 meters or 100 feet wide cave between two peaks. It looks like a huge doorway in the cliff face.

cave 2

If you thrilled to visit the Tianmen Mountain, it is better to go there around April to October because the temperature will be comfortable. If you refer drier weather, you an go by September. If you like snow scenery, you can choose to go on December to February.


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