My Favorite French Songs


Music can’t be separated from our life. Music make our life more colorful and enjoyable, well, at least for me it does. I enjoy listen to the music when I’m travelling, cooking, or reading a book. I love many kinds of music. I love classic, pop, rock and many more. I enjoy listen to western song but I don’t know why recently I enjoy listen to some French songs.
It start when I unintentionally listen to Anggun C. Sasmi song in French version. The title of the song is “Si tu L’avoues”. Then, I try to search in the internet for other French song. I don’t understand the meaning of the song and I don’t know the lyrics at first, but it doesn’t matter because somehow when I hear the song, I feel relax and happy. After I fell in love with the songs, I search the lyrics and the meaning of the songs to make me understand more of the songs.
And here are some of my favorite French songs that I love the most:
1. IL Y A by Vanessa Paradis.

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